Till Death Do Us Part

by Billog

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released March 3, 2010

Zahorán Csaba - bass, vocals, lyrics
Laczkó Tamás - drums, guitar

Drum recording, mix & master @ No Silence
All other recordings and edit @ our home studio

Cover art by Károlyi József, Zahorán Csaba



all rights reserved


Billog Budapest, Hungary

Heartfelt Hardcore Metal since 2002.

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Track Name: To The Gates Of Demise
Never melt in the crowd
Crowd of the cowards
Never march with the clowns
Rather be dead

Six feet under We're all the same
Six feet under We're all equal

We're all the same

Make me feel like so much less
Then we will see in the end
Whether you're placed higher than
Me or anybody else


See you at the gates of demise
See you at the gates of demise
See you at the gates of demise
Decease will catch up with you too
Track Name: Power
I don't know what's the problem
I'm trying and trying and trying again
I just want to take your hand
I'm dying and dying and dying again

I don't wanna die
For a senseless fight
In the name of love
I don't wanna cry

I do my best and unmasked myself
What are we waiting for?
Why are we waiting for...

I don't wanna die
For a senseless fight
In the name of love
I don't wanna cry
Rather, i should try
Another tormentor fight

My heart has rent, you can heal it again
What are we waiting for?
Why are we waiting for...

I show myself, don't pretend
What more should i give you?
This state's so confusing
I feel i'm just losing my consciousness

I don't wanna fall again (This darkest depth...)
I don't wanna fall again (...leads to hell)

You don't know me
You don't know who i am

What works within me is the power of love
Track Name: D for Disgust
Disgust has a new face with a name
Its name is daniel
Disgust has a new face with a name: daniel

Your face
Brakes to tiny pieces
By my hand and a meeting
With the wall

That was the darkest day of mankind
When your mother gave life TO YOU (to you)
I'd like to erase that time we spent
Together in the past, but i can't forget

You always wanted to be my enemy
So, Let's get this party started
You're welcome, you're welcome!
After the first incisions you're getting weaker
And will be silenced for good a little later

You're DEAD

This is the plan, as good as could
If you still want to tease me
Then you can't run away from burning in hell

If you stood in my way once again
That would be your last step
Pitiful daniel

I warned you

Your face
Belongs to the same
Real nobody i've known
In you before
Track Name: How To Kill a Butterfly
You're a whore
Just a whore

Fake smile, grey heart
Everything is so odd
Poisonous mud is running
Inside your body instead of blood
Feel no shame you're giving me shit
I was so naive, i was so blind

Your throne is a poisonous flower
You're fed with the love of others
But love means nothing to you
(Love means nothing to you)

Wings will be torn off with especial cruelty
I see as you stare at your bleeding misery
I swear you will cry when doomsday comes
I swear you will cry when doomsday comes

Miss B in pink
Just like a pig

(I'm) waiting for the day when you realize
How fragile you really are
Track Name: Echoes
The echoes of an empty heart
Crashing against the walls of hatred
Track Name: Dead or Alive
I used to think that everything will be alright
I used to dream about living in a perfect life
I don't know whether i could do it better now
If i had a second chance to go back to change the past

A lot of hopeless people gathered around here
Waiting for a miracle and living in a dream
I have no compassion cause they have no will to change
Just moaning about everything and locked up in a cage

You haven't learned to speak or stand up for yourself
It's never too late open up your eyes and rise against
I used to walk the same circle everytime
But realized it's not enough and let the woe behind

The only thing that matters now, I made my choice as you can yours

I want to ask a question: what do you want to be?
Somebody who's living or just a fucking living dead?

I can't live my life without fight RISE UP
Don't ask me why i keep it going STAND UP
Just take a few seconds of thinking REALIZE
This life is more than just daydreaming WAKE UP

Why are we here?
Live or decease?
Why are you here?
Start to believe!

When will you? - Rise
When will you? - Fight
Track Name: Another Piece of My Heart
Last night i found perfection when you showed me the real irresistable pain
I wanted to choke you forever but you had to go and i have to stay here
It is so unfair but nobody cares when i say this is fucking unfair
This is so unfair

The apathy dwells inside me, will it ever go away?
I still remember happiness, i was led astray
What if this love conceived in vain, is it ok?
To feel this emptiness again
To see these grey skies all the time

Feel this emptiness
See these grey skies

This taste is mine, sweet suffering, i cannot hide
This is real me, i cannot stop bleeding my heart
So take a good look at this mess, you did the best
You did the best

Still feeling your scent
Still wanting you back

Only one day passed away
Since you left me with this pain

All ended but it's not started yet
It's not started yet

Last night i found perfection when you showed me the real irresistable pain
I would have given everything to you and i never wanted to ask back
I was so weak again, let myself into this trap which i know very well
Maybe this beautiful life i call suffering is the thing i should embrace

Another piece of my heart has gone forever
Track Name: Gorgeous
You asked me to write a song about you
It will be too easy, you little harlot
My admiration is dead This is the fact
Cause now i feel nothing but despise

When you first entered my house
My mind, my heart, my life
You were gorgeous
I was stoked

I thought you could have saved me
From sinking into deeper
I thought you could have saved me
But i was so wrong

Thank God you revealed yourself in time
And killed the crush once i had on you
You killed the crush once i had on you
That drunken shaking monster
Never deserved nothing more
So please don't be surprised
When i treat you like a whore

This is my farewell
To this fucking nightmare
Track Name: Wild Springs, Twin Heads
One Island, One Pride
One System, One Lie
Same Story Everytime
One Mistake You Die

You tried to rape my mind
And want to suck my blood
Thirteen hundred miles away
I still see through disguise

Behind every smile
Just another mere cipher
I cannot be forced to swallow
Injustice and all the hollow
Empty promises
you have made to me

You're proud, very proud
Don't know why, just because
You're close, very close
To hit the bottom floor

Why did you want to ruin me?
Why do you think that you have
The right to rule my life?
I gave you the signs
But you are so dumb
to see your own decline

You cannot build up your own personal slavery
You have to face the people to stand for liberty

You couldn't break me
I chose not to give in
I see the happy ending
As the kingdom will be caved in

Track Name: Sequitur / Conclusion Finale
God bless all of us
Bring cheer and welfare here
Reach your arms when we wage a war
Against the army of unholy ones

If you live the life in ignorance
You deny the present, the future and the past

Without purpose you're just a shell
And every moment feels like hell
So many years have passed away, it's all in vain
So many days are passing by just killing time

If i find the way of redemption
And the answers „Why?"
Then i can't die, i can't die

If i find a place i belong to
Then i'll be fine, i'll be fine

When the sun goes blood red one day
Forgiveness will be appreciated again
When the sky weeps blood drops one day
There will be no more guilt

The time has come to
Find the place
Find the way
No more wasted life
No more wasted time

I'm trying to live my life by
Changing for better
Forgetting the wrath cause